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Who is MissTrance?

MissTrance is a simple, friendly girl and a lover of life.
She discovered trance while working as a hostess for various clubs in Second Life.
On 9th of September 2015, she decided to try some DJ software. Since then, her passion for trance music grew bigger in such small time.

Now, MissTrance works in clubs inside the Second Life grid, having fun with her followers.


Music News

My First live set
My First live set
Trance control the emotion... not sure but fortunately exist sunglasses!!The start and first transition MissTrance with her Vision of Trance become real. Every first experience is always so amazing. This is my Fist set in real Life. I was so nervous and so excited in the same time but it work. I enjoyes 45 minutes full of my Vision Of…

Listener Say

“Hello! You are greeted by your follower, listener Timo. You do, you play music exactly according to my rhythm and melody. See you soon… greetings from Estonia”




MissTrance knows how to move your mind, body and soul by mixing tracks.

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